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At some point in our lives, we all love different things.  In our 20s and 30s, we may love sport shoes more than say, a dress or formal shoes. That’s ok.  During our younger years, we had more time for sports and workout. However, there comes a time when a man matures; more work time than time to work out.  The same is true with watches.

Jul 03, 19

For many Filipinos, and Asians in general, Hamilton brand of watches may seem unfamiliar. But to their credit, Hamilton has been making Pilot watches for 100 years now.

Jul 25, 18

The SevenFriday brand name is a relatively new in the watch industry but it has taken the spotlight in such a short period of time.

Jul 14, 15
Samsung has been the leading force behind wearable technology especially when they launched the first generation Samsung Gear 1 smart watch with forward facing camera. Although not everyone was impressed by it, they significantly raised the bar when it comes to other wearable devices for future references.
Feb 13, 15
For the uninitiated, the brand Philip Stein is synonymous to great looking watches with added health benefits having (NFT) Natural Frequency Technology that harnesses the beneficial natural frequencies in our bodies in order to coup better with stress. It also helps that the watch is a natural eye magnet.
Aug 23, 14
The classic, large square watch design for me never goes out of style. They are always on style and are stunning to look at. The house of Cerruti has been around since 1967 in Paris by an Italian designer/stylist, Nino Cerruti. He has been credited for mass producing luxury ready to wear, jeans, fragrances, accessories, sportswear, leather goods and of course watches.
Jul 23, 14
It’s been a while since I last reviewed a watch in my blog and coming back to writing to the things you are passionate about is as entertaining as writing about cars. Watches for me are not just mere accessories for men but a complete reflection of his true self and how he values time.
Jul 22, 14