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The iPhone X was officially launched in the Philippines last Dec. 1, 2017. Apple's  authorized reseller in Cebu, iCenter displayed  the all new iPhone X to the public and has released units to those who have pre-ordered ahead of the launch date.

Dec 02, 17

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was due for launch more than a year ago, Samsung fan boys expected a lot from the said unit. The introduction happened but the spectators went yawning. It was the same exact boring concept as the previous model Galaxy S series; Mid-high price point, over bloated firmware and plasticky exterior components. But it was still a great looking handset, mind you.

May 09, 15

A year or more so later after Samsung S5 was introduced to the public and literally didn’t wow everyone especially the Samsung fan boys, Samsung is at it again. After falling shares and dim earning outlook, Samsung has revamped the platform of one of its more popular line (the Galaxy S line) which is the bread and butter of the segment.

May 08, 15
Samsung has been the leading force behind wearable technology especially when they launched the first generation Samsung Gear 1 smart watch with forward facing camera. Although not everyone was impressed by it, they significantly raised the bar when it comes to other wearable devices for future references.
Feb 13, 15

This has got to be the most talked about Samsung product to hit the market in 2011, because of its sheer size. Is it a tablet or a phone? Well it can be both depending on how you look at it. For me, the real tablet starts at 7inches form factor. So, to me the Samsung Note is just a very large phone that has a capability of a tablet.

Aug 25, 12

The first generation Samsung Galaxy tablet 7 was Samsung’s official tablet to do battle with Apple’s very own first gen iPad. Yes it maybe small but it packed amazing features that was missing in the iPad. The form factor, being 7 inches at that had many advantages. It was way lighter; you can use the tablet with just one hand without so much stress and strain on them.

Aug 24, 12