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Tito Carl’s guide to the world of watches kay na triggered ko!

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I was reading an online article the other day from one of my favorite Men’s lifestyle magazine about these famous artists and the kind of watches they wear, and I was shocked to notice that writer didn’t even bother or could not identify the kind of watches he featured, and how these watches relate to the lifestyle of these famous gentlemen.  The reason why men buy watches is simply that, we are attracted to them. Watches are, well, the only accessory in our body that WE can understand and maybe a few beads and bracelets to pair with it. But in general, most men just wear watches and nothing else. Simply put it, na triggered si Tito!

We also have to define boys versus the Gentlemen when talking about cars and watches noh. Boys wear whatever it is they feel like wearing. Gshock with a pair of pants with hoodies, Rich kids wear Rolex in tattered pants. Men have been in that stage and that’s fine.  We all learn our lessons from our mistakes. But looking back at those days, yuck! Thank God for maturity. Men, gentlemen use their intuition, gut feel and good taste to see beyond the brand and look at their personal style vis-a-vis the watch that they are looking for to compliment them. In short, Men and Gentlemen have class, boys are all about style,  and well never mind. I always believe that like them, I also went thru that phase and as you mature, your personal style and taste will also improve, I seriously hope so.

In order to understand the world of watches, I am going to make this complicated world of horology and simplify  them for you as I know it. This is my list and opinion from years of watch collecting and reviewing watches. I do not claim to be the ultimate guy who knows it all, but I can tell you, I have a good eye for watches. People close to me and even those I do not know, privately message me to ask my opinion on what kind of watch they should buy and what’s good for them for many years now.  This is my own personal opinion, so ayaw pag buot. If you don’t like it, pag buhat ug imo. This is my first coming out story…….as a watch enthusiast.

There are so many watches in the world and if they are all in one catalog, it will take you months even years to pick the right watch for you.  Now to help you pick which one is the right watch for you, consider the following; your personality, your lifestyle, the watch’s purpose and your budget.  When you get this right, trust me, it will be easier to spot the right watch for you the first time. Remember this, NOT ALL WATCHES ARE THE SAME DAMMIT! When I hear this word uttered by people, I usually cringe and pray that lightning will strike them to knock them off their senses.  Boys and kids, your Gshock and your Tito’s  Patek is not the same yo! Your MK watch is certainly not the same as an Oris or a Tissot! “But Tito, they all just time!” Shut up and listen kid! Yes they do, but what makes them different is what’s behind the face of the watch (meaning the complicated mechanical movements from these Swiss watches) as opposed to the run on the mill digital, mass manufactured IC component in a Gshock! Second, they differ in HERITAGE and HISTORY. Each house of watch makers in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and even in the US has a story to tell. They come from a long line of generation of watch makers. They have fine tuned their craft over the years. Now Boys, that’s why you pay for a good watch ha. Not all watches are the same! Price palang daan, dili na accurate ang comparison!

Now that’s out of the way, I have categorised watches according to their kind and purpose so that it will be easier to get it in your thick skull. I’m doing this so that by the time you grow brain cells, back bones and hopefully a fat bank account, it will be easier for you to choose which watch is right for you, future Gentlemen;

Smart Watches

Smart watches are so popular with the Z generation and  millennials because it’s so easy to set up and go. It’s a no brainer choice. Trust me, I also wear one. It’s a do all thing kinda watch and that’s exactly why I do not rely solely on smart watches.  Whether you go for a sports oriented smart watch or a smart watch that can do it all like the Samsung Active or the very famous Apple iWatch, one cannot go wrong with them. But wait, there is something wrong with smart watches. They run on batteries and when your batteries drain out, goodbye smart watch and everything they stand for! I see a lot of men wearing smart watches from the gym to the office and then straight to their evening parties. Hey that fines, but if you know better, there are watches for different occasions and different dress codes, BRO. You just don’t wear one watch for every occasion, yo! Dili ni buy one take one ha! Worst, dili ni pariha ug gym shoes nimo nga imong gamiton sa gym, mao rasad imong gamiton sa laag or padung sa office kong wash day, Besh, NO and Know! Know when to wear a smart watch and when not to!

Smart Casual Watches

Here, it’s an open season! Dude, Bro or whatever you are, you can wear your MK’s, your large TWSteel, Philipp Stein, Seiko Pressage etc!  Ayaw lang sad nang imitation palihug! Baratuhon pa gani ni na category, imit pa gyud imong gamiton!  But please, guys, know what kind of watch size that’s right for you! Yes, again watches are not the same! They come in all sorts of forms, prices and sizes. For men, I would suggest to go anywhere between size 38mm to 42mm for comfort. There are men who have slim frame and slim wrist, so a smaller watch best suit them. Some men look better with large size watches. But there are men who prefer to go all out with big faced watches. For this, I recommend to go for 42mm to 48mm should you want to make a statement. Big watches have their purpose too  and I will tell you why. No, it’s not just for men with big egos, but that too is included, but in general oversized watches such us TWSteel, Invicta , Chotovelli, Sevenfriday and other brands are favourites amongst Motor cycle enthusiasts, professional car drivers, and motoring enthusiasts. Why? Because with just a short glance, they will be able to read time. With their sport and lifestyle, they need a bigger watch for safety reasons.  So naa ni purpose ha! Dili lang ni kutob pang Hambug! Kids, please! Avoid wearing big faced watches if this doesn’t look good on you or else you will look like a post (poste) wearing a wall clock! Seryoso ni, palihug!

Formal Casual Watches

Kene! Kene medyo complicated nani. Eyes on the board palihug ni Tito mga kiddos. Assuming you have access to your dads platinum card, or you now earn a good amount of money, do yourself a favour ha. Get the good brands. In this category, dili nata mag TWSteel, MK, Fossil, Guess ug unsa pana dihang mga fashion brands. This is the category where you can tell the difference between the boys and the gentlemen. Why? Dili nani mao na stage mag oversized shirt, skinny pants, Gucci white snickers and Omega imong watch ha. NO! This is where gentlemen wear well tailored long sleeve shirts, well fit slim formal pants, matched with a good pair of wing tipped, Zerogrand Cole Hann’s nani na level Tito, pwedi rasad mag Aldo ka. But palihug lang ug maka afford Kag Oris, Tissot, Tag, Omega and Rolex ani na stage, buy yourself a good pair of Formal Casual shoes pud tawon oi!  In this category, watches like a 42mm all steel Oris, Tissot, Stuhrling, Omega, Tag, Tudor or even a high end Philipp Stein will do. Watches with good Japanese movement are ok, but if you can afford a Swiss quartz to start with, better! But if you can afford a mechanical, automatic or self winding watch, even better!   On the higher end of the spectrum, if you are really sophisticated,  have an eye for style and money is not an issue, get a 40 to 42mm Rolex ( day/date, oyster date, GMT) will do, or an Omega Seamaster or go all out by sporting on a Patek or an AP.  In this Formal Casual Watch category, please do not be caught wearing a bike or worst ga angkas ka. Palihug lang tawon ayaw! If you have a good reason why you are not in your own car, at lease pag grab nalang sad tawon.

Dress Watches

Kene, samut naning mag nosebleed mo ani kids. So pay attention, and eyes on the board again para dili sapoton si Tito. So we have been discussing smart casual watches, smart watches  and formal casual watch noh! If you didn’t pay attention, way nakoy  labot ninyu ug dili magka dimao inyung dagway after this article. At this level mga bai, Men will have to learn how to love fine watches with leather bands. Because  for me, a good and a fine dress watch are strapped in fine calf or alligator leather. The Brand will also matter at this point in time. Leave your TWSteel, Philipp stein, Seiko (except if it says Grand Seiko) or worst Gshock at home. When I say Dress up, I’m talking about a gentlemen in a full suit or tux attending a black tie event, a formal gala or a big wedding event.  The suit is expensive already right? This also calls for a good dress watch.  Remember, the attention is towards the suit and not directly to the watch, but it doesn’t mean you are allowed to slack on you accessories. No, NO! I always recommend a very good dress watch in black, dark brown or Tan color leather strap so that the watch will blend in well with the suit or tux. Gentlemen, we do not want to attract attention by wearing bling bling Rolex in full gold or steel with diamonds ha! Dili paman kaha ka sugar daddy ug level? Try to be more suave, learn to be classy with out screaming attention.  At this category, I would recommend a size 38 to 42mm slim line dress watch with leather straps like Frederique Constant, Grand Seiko or Seiko Pressage, Omega de Ville, Rolex with leather straps, Oris and Tissot on leather. Why leather again? We do not want to attract too much attention to your watch, you are wearing a damn expensive suit, so we highlight the suit, not the watch! We also do not want to go oversize on the watch because, based on experience, the cuffs should rest easily on the wrist, where your watch will also be located. If you are going to wear an oversized watch on a suit, your cuffs will not fall to the wrist comfortably, prompting you to constantly adjust your cuffs to hide your silly ass, big fat watch which will be awkward.

There you have it Gentlemen, titos and kiddos. That’s my take on watches and how they should be worn. Each watches are different, watches are a product of innovation, craftsmanship and art (design) so respect it. There is a watch for different personality and lifestyle, find one that fits you. For future watch collector, start small, start with the least expensive and work your way up. Remember the cardinal rule, it doesn’t mean you can afford a Patek, that a Patek will outright look good on you. That is not always the case. Finally, men don’t usually enjoy other accessories, so take your time in buying your watch and enjoy it, flaunt it if you want, no one cares nowadays. As they say, If it’s not on Instagram, it never happened or you never owned one. hehehehe.

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