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For many Filipinos, and Asians in general, Hamilton brand of watches may seem unfamiliar. But to their credit, Hamilton has been making Pilot watches for 100 years now. It was originally an American brand until 1969 when it underwent several mergers, and finally found its new home in Switzerland.  Hamilton is now one of the brands under the Swatch Group, currently the largest watch maker and marketer.

The Khaki Pilot 46mm design is in keeping with the early days of aviation.  The watch face has a distinct and recognizable look of an older model aircraft gauges which at this price point, is truly beautiful to look at.  The Khaki Pilot starts with the basic 46mm round design incased in stainless steel. It also features Bold double-digit Arabic numerals, luminous marker, and Bold sword shape hands. It sports a white/silver details against dark dials, making it easy to read time and it makes the watch face pop out.  This pilot watch also features a day and date function that is very practical for daily use. It is then sealed off by a strong sapphire crystal glass and the watch is water resistant up to 200m.  Powering this watch is a Swiss made 2836-2 Calibre ETA for accuracy and reliability.

I personally think that this watch looks very striking compared to the other Pilot watches at this price point. Sure, there are better Pilot watches around, but it will also sit you back 6 figures. For its price, the design stays true to its humble beginnings and its original influence; a watch designed mimicking aircraft gauges. It doesn’t get any better than that. There are modern take on Pilot watch, but they seem to be going to a more futuristic approach, whereas the Hamilton Khaki Pilot stays true to being traditional in its design and execution. Hamilton’s Pilot watches are also not as heavy as the rest of the other Pilot watches out there. The size too is just right for me who happens to like oversized watches. At 46mm, this may not suit other watch enthusiast out there. Though it is big in size, but it is certainly not as heavy as a TWSteel Canteen. Another stunning feature of the Khaki Pilot watch is its see thru back case cover. Flip it back and you will see its Swiss made Calibre at work, and why watch enthusiasts love their mechanical watches.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot watch is a practical daily watch. I have been wearing it for two weeks on a daily basis and it feels right at home on my left wrist. It is a reliable, big faced Pilot watch that will not break your bank. Some Pilot watches with six figure price tag does not even have day/date function, so this one is a steal deal. The only thing I would have wanted Hamilton to improve on is the luminous effects on the watch. Sure, it lights up well in the dark especially the hand markings, but the outer markings could have better luminous effects at night as it is too weak for my taste. And on a final take, I prefer a Big Pilot watch with a solid and rich leather band for that complete and ultimate retro feel.

Credits: Watch Profile for the Hamilton Khahi Pilot unit.


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